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Paradyme Systems USA ( was founded by George Sachs in 1982 to provide scientific programming and consulting services to industry. Originally named 'Paradigm' Systems, this was changed to its more phonetic spelling in 1985 (to aid people in pronouncing it). The company has remained closely held and private since its inception. From its beginnings the company has offered its clients high levels of security and confidentiality which for 35 years have never been breached. Over that time period the company's consulting services expanded to include a wide range of scientific and business disciplines. Clients have ranged from insurance companies to automotive manufacturers. Past projects have involved the fields of advanced algorithm design and optimization, advanced cad/cam and prototyping methods, manufacturing optimization, mathematical analysis and complex problem solving, artificial intelligence, renewable energy technologies, and intellectual property analysis. Beginning in 2005 ParadymeUSA began transitioning to exclusively pursuing internal R&D and IP portfolio development. Examples of this include a new technology for quickly stopping oil and gas well blowouts, a new wave energy conversion technology, and an advanced rapid prototyping system that overcomes the problems and limitations of current 3D printers.   Additional new technologies are also in the company's development pipeline. Being privately held allows ParadymeUSA to continue to pursue solutions to interesting and complex problems that may require years rather than months to become commercially successful. This independence from outside pressure is one the major advantages ParadymeUSA has over stockholder owned companies and shields the company from the short term profit focused demands of investors. This also means that much of the - really interesting stuff - will always originate from companies such as ParadymeUSA.

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